Abrasive Nylon brushes are the cutting edge in brushing technology. They are best suited for precision part finishing applications such as deburring and edge radiusing. Brushing cells can be integrated in production lines to eliminate manual finishing operations. Brushes can be added to tool changers in CNC machining centers for automated in-place deburring. Robotic equipment can be fitted with chucked brushes to finish stationary parts, or they can utilize bench motor style equipment for fixtured part handling. Ideal for:
  • Scratch brushing aluminum as well as other metals for decorative finishes
  • Removal of paint, corrosion, weld scale, & weld marks from steel
  • Gently removes paint and varnish from wood
  • Sands wooden moldings, railings, turnings and banisters
  • Removes cement from tiles, stone and brick mortar
  • Prepares fiberglass, rubber, and all plastics prior to adhesive application
  • Frosting of glass


  • demonstrates up to 10 times the effective life of a wire wheel
  • will not puncture skin or surface
  • does not shed bristles
  • will not oxidize and maintains its shape

Default Configurations

  • Roll Brushes (Custom-Made)
  • Wheel Brush
    • GWG (Firm Type)
    • GWH (Loose Type)
  • Cup Brush - GC
    • GCA
    • GCR
  • Dish Brush - GV
  • End Brush - GES
  • Cup & Dish Brush with Shank
    • GSC
    • GSV
  • Tube Brush - GTS
  • Wheel Brush with Shank
    • GSW (Firm Type)
    • GSM (Loose Type)

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