Roller Brushes are used for scrubbing, cleaning, grinding, and dust removing in wide face areas, circuit board, steel sheets annealing and pinking, defatted processing, electrolysis cleaning processing and many other production line applications. We provide the production service from custom design to manufacturing of nearly any length or diameter. It includes shaft, brush material filaments and balancing test. We also provide repairing, regrinding and recovering for used roller brushes.


We do our best to ensure our services and products are the greatest to all of our customers. We achieve this goal by co-op with our years of production experience and high-tech equipments from Germany. The result? It leads us not only to the best service, but also excellent quality.


To fulfill customers’ requests and provide most excellent services, we supply variety of filaments. From commonly used abrasive nylon filament to acid/base resistant and high temperature resistant filaments.

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