Twist Knot brushes are designed for heavy-duty surface cleaning. It allows corrosion-resistance and its aggressive twist knot design allows for fast removal of heavy rust, paint and scale. It's suitable for use with angle grinders and ideal for de-scaling, deburring and preparation/cleaning of welding seams.

Default Configurations

  • Twist Knot Wheel Brush
    • KW
    • KWT
  • Twist Knot Cup Brush (For high speed angle grinder)
    • KC
    • KCS
  • Twist Knot Cup Brush
    • KCO
    • KCOS
  • Twist Knot Dish Brush (For high speed angle grinder)
    • KV
    • KVS
  • Twist Knot Dish Brush
    • KVO
    • KVOS
    • Twist Knot Brush with Shank
      • KSW
      • KSC
      • KSV
      • KE

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