Power Brush Safety Requirements

Safety Goggles: Safety Goggles or Full Face Shields worn over Safety Glasses with side shields, MUST BE WORN by all OPERATORS and OTHERS IN THE AREA OF POWER BRUSH OPERATIONS. Comply with the requirements of ANSI 287.] ("Occupational Eye and Face Protection").

Guards: Keep all machine guards in place.

Speeds: Observe all speed restrictions indicated on the brushes, containers, labels or printed in pertinent literature. "MSFS" or "MAX.SFS" means Maximum Safe Free Speed (R.P.M.)-spinning free with no work applied: For reasons of Safety, the "MSFS/MAX.SFS" should not be exceeded under any circumstances.

Safety Standard: Comply with the Safety Standards of the American National Standards Institute, ANSI B165.1 and ANSI B165.2 "Safety Requirements-Power Brushes".

Protective Equipment: Appropriate protective clothing and equipment (such as full face shields, gloves, respirator, etc.) must be used where a possibility of injury exists that can be prevented by such equipment.

Before Starting Brush: Use eye protection and safety equipment. Inspect brush for rust, damage, speed limit, etc. If no-load speed marked on the power tool is higher than the brush speed limit, do not mount brush. Inspect and jog machine to assure the brush is mounted properly and securely, machine guards are in place, no vibration, etc. Run machine at operating speed for at least one minute before applying work-DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF OR IN LINE WITH BRUSH.

Availability of ANSI Standards: Contact – ANSI, 1430 Broadway, New York, NY 10018.

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